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The Fort Collins Water Heater Pros are experts in every type of water heater – including electric. We can repair, install, or replace your electric water heater whether you have a residential or commercial property in the Fort Collins area.

How Does An Electric Water Heater Work?

Electric water heaters, just like gas, heat and store water in a large tank. Cold water comes into the tank through a dip tube at the top. The cold water is pushed toward the lower section of the tank. Electric water heaters have two heating elements inside the tank – usually metal coils coated in stainless steel or copper.

When hot water is needed, the upper heating element turns on, heating the water in the upper part of the tank. Once this water reaches the temperature set on the water heater’s thermostat, the lower heating element turns on. The lower element heats the water until the lower thermostat temperature is reached. Hot water exits the tank through a separate tube at the top.


Do Electric Water Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

The wattage of your water heater depends on the model and size of the tank. Generally, electric water heaters use more electricity than gas and cost more to operate. Electric water heaters are more energy efficient, though. By looking at a water heater’s EF rating, you can determine how energy efficient it is. Gas models have EF ratings between 0.5 to 0.7, while electric water heaters have 0.9 or more (higher ratings indicate better energy efficiency). In the long run, you’ll spend more on electric costs for an electric water heater.

Are Electric Water Heaters Better than Gas?

There are pros and cons of electric water heaters that make them neither better nor worse than gas. Whichever will be suited for you depends on your property’s hot water needs and energy costs.

As we mentioned above, electric water heaters are more energy efficient than gas water heaters. They use more electricity, though, which could increase your energy costs. Electric water heaters are also cheaper to purchase and install upfront. Since they don’t need a gas line hookup, electric water heaters have easier installation. They don’t require a vent, either, so they take up less space than gas water heaters.

A downside to electric water heaters is that they stop working if the power goes out. Since gas water heaters are run on your property’s gas line, they’ll continue to work even if you have no electricity. Electric water heaters also have a slower recovery time than gas, meaning you’ll have to wait longer for your water to heat up when you need it.

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