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Gas Water Heaters in Fort Collins, CO

The Fort Collins Water Heater Pros will do a full gas water heater installation for your residential or commercial property. As experts in water heaters, we can advise you on the latest models and suggest the best choice for you.

How Does a Gas Water Heater Work?

A gas-fired water heater uses propane or natural gas to heat and store water in a large tank. It has a gas burner at the bottom of the tank. Cold water is piped into the tank through the dip tube, which releases the water near the bottom. The water at the bottom of the tank is heated by the gas burner and then rises toward the top of the tank. Warm water then exits the tank through the hot water outlet.

A gas water heater also has a flue. The gas burner creates harmful toxins as it heats up the water and these toxins must be vented out of the tank. Since electric water heaters don’t rely on gas for power, they don’t have flues, however.

Fort Collins Gas Water Heaters

Pros and Cons of Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are typically cheaper to purchase than electric water heaters. But they are more complicated to install, as they require a gas line. For this reason, installation costs may be much higher for gas than for electric. Gas is also not as energy efficient as electric. Over the long run, however, a gas-fired water heater could save you more money since in most areas, gas is cheaper than electricity.

Gas water heaters also have the advantage of working during a power outage, as they don’t run on electricity. In addition, they have the fastest recovery rate of any water heater type available. They can provide around 50 gallons of hot water per hour, whereas electric water heaters can only provide about 14 gallons per hour.

There are benefits and drawbacks to a gas water heater. Whether or not it’s right for your property will depend on your hot water needs. If you’re looking for a water heater replacement and considering a gas water heater, we can asses your situation and advise you on the best choice for your property.

What Size Water Heater Do I Need for a Family of 4?

The size of your water heater tank matters depending on how many people are in your household. If your hot water capacity is too low, you could run out of hot water often with a family of 4. When buying a storage tank water heater, you have guidelines you can follow concerning size.

1-2 people need a 30-gallon capacity

2-3 people need a 40-gallon capacity

3-4 people need a 50-gallon capacity (electric) or 40-gallon capacity (gas)

5 or more people need an 80-gallon capacity (electric) or 50-gallon capacity (gas)

As we mentioned above, gas water heaters have the fastest recovery rate. That’s why they’re usually the best choice for a big household that uses a lot of hot water.

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