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Water Heater Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Installing a new water heater, or replacing an old one, is usually a job best left to professionals. You can easily search for DIY tutorials on installing one yourself. But unless you’re comfortable and familiar with basic plumbing, electrical work, and connecting to a gas line, an online tutorial probably won’t cut it. To guarantee a water heater installation done right, you should call the Fort Collins Water Heater Pros.

We have built our company on the reputation of being the best Fort Collins water heater installation company in Northern Colorado! When you contact us for a home consultation, we will evaluate your current water heater if needed, and help you decide on whether you need a replacement or a new installation.

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When it comes to fixing your water heater, most people think to call up a local plumber or general contractor. However, most of the time they may not have the expertise required to handle a specific problem with a water heater, or they might not be able to provide the best advice.

This is where Fort Collins Water Heater Pros comes in. Water heaters are what we do! We specialize in home water heater installation and will make sure that your problem is handled right, and you are getting the best deal possible on installing a new water heater in your home. Our company is based right here in Fort Collins, Colorado and we serve all of Northern Colorado including Windsor, Timnath, Laporte, Wellington, and Severance.

If you’re in need of a local, trusted water heater company, give us a call today!

Installing Different Types of Water Heaters

There are 3 main types of water heaters available which the Fort Collins Water Heater Pros are fully equipped to install. These are gas, electric, and tankless.

When you need a water heater installation in Fort Collins, you have to handle it quickly in order to keep your home up and running. We use hot water for a lot of things inside the home, including washing clothes, dishes, and even ourselves! A home without hot water is extremely inconvenient, so it’s important to make sure that you get a new water heater up and running immediately.

When you install a water heater, it’s important to know which type of water heater you should install: gas, electric, or tankless. A lot will depend on the needs of your home, how often you use hot water, how quickly you use hot water, and your immediate budget versus long-term savings. Our water heater specialists can speak with you about what you need and the best course of action.

Installing a Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are the most popular choice among homeowners and businesses. Gas water heaters must be connected to a gas line for power – either propane or natural gas. They must also be vented, to release toxins created by the gas heating up the water.

Since gas water heaters burn fuel to heat water, they are less energy efficient. They don’t connect to electricity, though, so they have lower running costs. They can also reheat water twice as fast as electric water heaters.

Installing an Electric Water Heater

Gas heaters are more popular for homes with big families or businesses with heavy water supply needs. Electric heaters are more energy-efficient, though. Instead of burning energy consistently to keep hot water ready to use, like with gas heaters, electric water heaters only use energy when hot water is needed.

The increased energy efficiency of an electric water heater could be offset if you have high electricity costs, though. Electric heaters also won’t work in a power outage and cost more upfront to install.

Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Another option that’s relatively new but becoming more common is a tankless water heater. Tankless heaters are powered by either gas or electricity. Rather than installing a tank, with a tankless model you’ll have a unit that mounts on the wall. When we install tankless water heaters, we’ll connect them to a water line and, if applicable, a gas line.

Tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient of the three types, since they only heat up exactly the amount of water you need. Due to how much they cost upfront, though, you won’t see savings to recover initial cost until about 5-6 years into the life of the water heater.

Common Reasons for a New Water Heater Installation

Some common problems that require a new water heater are leaking or corrosion inside the tank. A leaky water tank can’t be repaired and is dangerous – potentially flooding your basement or storage area. Corrosion or rust inside the tank is also unsafe, as it affects the quality of your water. If you come across other problems with your water heater and aren’t sure if a new one is necessary, then give the Water Heater Pros a call. We can survey the situation for you and suggest a solution.

Corrosion of the Water Heater Tank

Newer water heaters might suffer other problems, but corrosion is usually a problem only on older water heaters. There are different reasons why a water heater might get corroded, but the most common corrosion in home water heaters is from rust. This is caused by a combination of oxygen and water in contact with metal.

Corrosion is a serious issue for a water heater, particularly if there is rust in the water. Rust in your home water supply can be dangerous for drinking and washing. The entire water heater system can be at risk if there is rust, because it can weaken the metal of both the tank and connections.

Noisy or Loud Water Heater

A noisy water heater is a pretty common problem, however it doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong, or that you need a new water heater installed. There may be sediment buildup in the tank or connecting points causing noise, the valve may not be functioning properly causing fluctuations in pressure, or the heating element might be malfunctioning.

In any case, a noisy water heater is generally not too serious, but it’s still a good idea to have a technician come in and evaluate if you need a simple repair or new water heater install.

Smelly Water from Water Heater

Smelly water is another fairly common problem in a water heater. This is usually caused by bacteria that might reside in the water reacting with the anodes in a water heater producing magnesium and aluminum. This is a common problem in certain areas where the water isn’t treated as well, and is exposed to the tank for longer periods of time.

There are multiple solutions to this problem, mostly which require changes to the anodes depending on the area of the country you live in and the quality of the water. A water heater professional should be able to advise you on the best solution much better than a general contractor or plumber can.

When is it Time for a New Water Heater?

Most gas and electric water heaters that use a tank will last between 8-12 years. When your water heater is about 10 years old, it’s time to consider replacing it. Sometimes, though, your water heater could malfunction, resulting in the need for a new one before the 10-year mark. A malfunctioning water heater could be leaky pipes or tank that needs to be replaced.

Another important aspect to consider is the heating element inside of the water heater. A water heater that isn’t working properly might not heat the water as quickly as needed, or maybe not at all. Sometimes, this requires a new water heater installation depending on the age of the unit and the extent of the damage.

Why should I call a water heater professional?

Water is one of the most vital utilities in any home, and when your water heater isn’t working properly (or not at all), it affects your everyday life tremendously. A water heater specialist will be able to diagnose your problem much more efficiently than a standard plumber or home contractor.

A water heater pro will extend the life of your water heater by installing the proper fix, whereas another contractor might simply put a band-aid on the problem, and the problem could arise again in a short amount of time. In addition, a water heater that is repaired incorrectly might create other problems in the short or long term.

This is why it’s extremely important that if you have any water heater installation needs, you call Fort Collins Water Heater Pros! Our team is specialized in the installation and repair of home water heaters.

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